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Weekly Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Weekly Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Weekly Pool Service: The Mr. Wizard Way

  • Weekly Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

    When we provide weekly service we want to give Pool owners peace of mind that their Pool   

    is being taken care of properly. Weather you have have a salt Pool or traditional chlorine Pool,

    every week when we are out we sign and date a card kept on sight so the Pool owner knows we have

    been there. We will brush down your Pool, skim the surface, empty skimmer and pump baskets,

    backwash sand and d.e. filters as needed. We also monitor the equipment well as balancing the

    following chemicals:

    Chlorine: We test and balance the chlorine level of your Pool to keep the refreshing and clean.

    Chlorine is the main sanitizer used for killing bacteria in swimming Pools, as well as keeping

    algae at bay, and breaking down swimmer wastes such as body oils, sweat, dead skin, and yes.....

    occasionally urine from young ones. As chlorine does is job it will convert into chloramines,

    also referred to as "junk chlorine". This "junk chlorine" will need to be oxidized to break it

    down and allow the chlorine to once again sanitize the Pool water. This is done by shocking the


    Ph: We test and balance your Ph to keep your eyes from burning and your skin from itching while

    you swim. The Pool water Ph is balanced by adding muriatic acid or sodium carbonate. At the

    proper Ph range your Pools water will allow the chlorine to work more effectively as well as

    making your swim more comfortable. Maintaining the Pool water Ph is especially critical for

    those Pool owners with salt systems. The life of a salt cell is greatly reduced if the Ph is not

    kept at the proper levels.

    Total Alkalinity: We test and balance the total alkalinity of the Pool water as needed. When the

    total alkalinity is kept at the proper range it allows the Ph to resist changes and be kept as

    the proper level. The proper total alkalinity level is also needed to protect the Pool surface

    from damage.

    Cyanuric Acid: We test the cyanuric acid level of your Pool water as needed to keep the chlorine

    in your water. Without cyanuric acid, the UV rays from the sun would destroy the chlorine in

    your Pool water. Over time, especially in traditional chlorine Pools, the cyanuric acid level

    will become too high. This is caused by the chlorine tablets dissolving and over time the

    cyanuric acid level will get high enough that it begins to negatively effect the chlorine in the

    Pool water. This can be corrected by draining the Pool and filling it with fresh water.

    Salt level: For those Pool owners with salt system Pools. We monitor and test the salt level of

    the Pool water with sensitive testing equipment to ensure your salt chlorinators are producing

    the proper level of chlorine. We will also notify you when your salt level falls out side of the

    proper perimeters with options to correct the issue.

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